Less Oiling and More Boiling

I've really noticed changes in trying to gain lean mass or lose fat, by not only changing the way I eat but changing the way I cook what I eat. I don't fry my food as much as I used to, I've found that boiling or steaming or grilling really works better but trust that... Continue Reading →

Mirror Muscle Magic

Nothing beats a good looking muscle and the best way to get this I've learnt is releasing of the weight slowly as you lower it and remembering to squeeze the muscle as much as possible at the peak of contraction. The mirror muscles are your traps, chest, arms and abs. Here are tweeks on ensuring... Continue Reading →

The Reason 4 FAT

Oyisa Hackula, no fitness guru or personal trainer or nutritionist, just a rugby player that is passionate about their fitness is how I would describe myself. Starting a blog is one of my New Year's Resolutions and Fitness As Tradition(FAT) is the name that has stuck.  I just thought that it would be good to... Continue Reading →

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