The Reason 4 FAT

Oyisa Hackula, no fitness guru or personal trainer or nutritionist, just a rugby player that is passionate about their fitness is how I would describe myself. Starting a blog is one of my New Year’s Resolutions and Fitness As Tradition(FAT) is the name that has stuck. 

I just thought that it would be good to motivate and help people with their fitness goals wherever I can as I didn’t get much help when I started training, I know how it feels getting programs or tips and not understanding what their end goal is after getting them. I know that there are people who still feel like that, but there are many people that want to help who will also be featured here. This won’t be some long writing blog, but short and to the point with explanations of exercises, workouts and other fitness tips. 

Topics will be around strength training, running, high-intensity interval training, different training methods, nutrition and general tips on just developing a self satisfying body. Contact me from the menu tab or leave a comment with questions or topics you’d want to be discussed and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon and as best as possible. Posts will be done on a weekly basis – every Friday. The thing you can do for yourself now is set your goals, find your motivation and discipline yourself with anything that requires your discipline as that will carry over onto everything else.

This was just an introduction on what the purpose of the blog is and what future posts will contain. Not the info you expected, but if you want to know more about the name and why the blog was started, check it out from the menu tab.

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