Mirror Muscle Magic

Nothing beats a good looking muscle and the best way to get this I’ve learnt is releasing of the weight slowly as you lower it and remembering to squeeze the muscle as much as possible at the peak of contraction. The mirror muscles are your traps, chest, arms and abs. Here are tweeks on ensuring the full benefits of the squeeze and release for size and definition for different muscles, specifically the “mirror muscles”, look at squeeze as the peak of contraction and release as when you relax the muscle:

mirror muslces.jpg


This would work with pretty much every ab exercise. When working them ensure that when you contract or squeeze them you breathe out as much air as possible, this shrinks the lungs and diaphragm maximizing ab contraction thus leading to more tension which means a stronger core. This doesn’t take away importance of your diet when trying to get that ab definition though.


This would generally be for all your bicep curls. The point at which you’ve reached the most contraction when you’ve lifted the weight to its possible highest, focus on the bicep, squeeze and lower it again as slow and as controlled as possible to ensure the long release to increase the pump of those guns due to the tension that builds up as you lower it. You can even feel more pain in it that way after 8 reps only, than just swinging the barbell or dumbbell up and down for about 15 reps depending on the weight I guess.


The exercises which I know you can benefit from the most is the Dumbbell or Machine Chest Press and the Cable Crossover in which the squeeze is at its maximum as you straighten your arms or pulling the cables together. In the release I’d suggest having a good stretch as you lower the weight just above the chest with the dumbbells or the machine or cable. The cable in the crossover should be able to be pulled again from when your hands are in line with your chest, back to the front of the chest with slightly bent arms to prevent possible hyper extension.


However way you are shrugging, doing upright rows or even lateral raises, I’ve found that while you have the weight in your hands it is good to constantly keep your shoulders shrugged squeezing the traps throughout the set as it results in greater tension which means more pump in the end. While you release, make sure the weight is controlled so as to maintain that tension in the whole movement.


The triceps have the same concept from dips to tricep pulldowns in which when straightening your arms, do it to the maximum, squeeze the tricep, hold for a second and bend it quite slowly so as to maintain that tension as much as possible. The squeeze allows for increased tension while the weight you use can help with that needed pump more.

Mirror muscles are exactly for that mirror and for those first impressions in which people admire when they look at you. We all want a good looking body for ourselves, those people are a bonus and so we try to do the small things that others don’t even think about to get it. Try the tweeks out and let me know how it goes and if you get that definition and size, then we’ll all be satisfied.


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