Less Oiling and More Boiling

I’ve really noticed changes in trying to gain lean mass or lose fat, by not only changing the way I eat but changing the way I cook what I eat. I don’t fry my food as much as I used to, I’ve found that boiling or steaming or grilling really works better but trust that the end product won’t be as juicy and rich as your usual fry. These are the general foods I would cook these ways during the day and their cooking times:

Boiled or Poached Eggs

The yolk can be semi-solid to liquid depending on how you like it , but I find it just tastes better when it’s a soft, watery yolk. This would take about 8-10 minutes to do. I personally prefer poached eggs as they aren’t that messy as you don’t need to do peeling of shells, which can take some egg white with it sometimes.

Boneless Chicken Breasts

Image result for chicken breast raw

I usually grill my chicken, but I know of people who boil their chicken and I don’t know of the great difference, but I’ve tried each and just a little taste and texture difference I have found but you don’t have to use any spice or oil on either, but I like spice on mine so that’s why I enjoy grilling more or even microwave sometimes. Grilling usually takes about 40-50 minutes, boiling usually takes about 20-30 minutes and this is at the most heat.


Steaming vegetables I’ve found really keeps as much nutrients in them as possible and I enjoy the crunch in them, while they are still really hot – from your sweet potato to your broccoli, steaming them is better I think, if you do it after boiling the pot water – steam for about 8 minutes leaving them quite crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside while still being hot all around. The water should be about 1-3 cm full in your pot so not drowning the vegetables as then you’ll be boiling.

NOTE: The importance of reducing your oil use is great if you want to reduce the amount of those unwanted round edges that could be made on your body. All sorts of saturated fats – fat found on animal meat or made from animals – should be removed or used in small amounts, if it becomes solid(not watery) at room temperature, then it’s saturated, it keeps your body fat at its lowest if you don’t eat it often.

Soon, I’ll give you guys a diet plan which I created and used in order to gain lean mass and lower the body fat which I had. I used it while I was at home on holiday, for about 3 months, where I had enough of the food and a lot of time to hit the gym, I gained about 3Kg and dropped my body fat by 2%.

It may sound small but it wasn’t easy as there are still those cheat snacks/meals that also had a hand and it’s generally hard to put on weight and losing fat at the same time, so keep that in mind when you start to make the changes in your eating habits.

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  1. There is a large upside to skipping the oils if you’re not looking to add a ton of weight! It adds up fairly quickly, and over the course of a year you can easily save fifteen pounds of fat without even having to change the foods you’re actually eating. This is a great read!

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