Chest And Back Workout One

I have my gym buddy Shingi who I incorporate different methods of training with when I go do some calisthenics at the local trim park (outdoor gym) where I stay and we keep alternating the way we train the most, being chest and back. There is minimal rest and supersets that are done in order to maximise the tension and pump gained while minimizing the time it takes to complete the workouts.


The workout is intense and the reps may not be reached in the first time one tries to do the workout so just do each exercise to the maximum reps you can reach consistently or rest and keep pushing until you finish the set or just push to failure.


DURATION: 30 – 40 minutes

REST TIME: 1 minute

SUPERSET I – 10/8/6

Wide Grip Pull Ups

Mid Grip Pull Ups

Narrow Grip Pull Ups

SUPERSET II – 3 x 10 reps

Wide Stance Push Ups

Shoulder Width Stance Push Ups

Diamond Stance Push Ups


Inverted Rows

Tricep Dips

The only rest you’ll be getting between the exercises should be minimal, just about shaking off your muscles and changing the grip on the bar and between supersets is minimum one minute.


It is an intense workout and gives you a good pump, so make sure to fuel up after the workout, try it out if you have an outdoor gym with some bars to change up your workout routine and have another upper body workout that you can use to gain strength.

Let us know how it goes!


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2 thoughts on “Chest And Back Workout One

  1. Just tried this felt great !

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