Day 1: Reason



It took about 1h30 to get here and it was a pretty warm trip for most of it and those that know me well, know that I like to sleep whenever I get the opportunity but for some reason I didn’t this time or maybe it’s because my bro was making conversation the whole way so I couldn’t.

The reason why I am in Grahamstown is because my bro is performing here at the National Arts Festival and he needed someone to manage some of his equipment, be the cameraman and run necessary errands while he focused on the music, but anyway I’m getting paid for it and now have realised that I won’t be eating, sleeping and training the same and have decided to make it a challenge for myself, embrace it and document it, so here we are, not forgetting that it’s all about making those mass gains still.


This place is really cold and I’ve had to adapt to how I’ll be staying here before I’d start on the plan – the plan being how I will be sleeping, eating and training, working around the schedule I have with my bro on when he needs to perform.

We are staying in a flat where I’m sleeping on a couch in a pretty cold, tiled lounge area with Roman’s Pizza across the street, which I’ve already had twice (don’t judge me) and I have to make a plan to make gains and remain fit as I’m on break from rugby, so I’ve decided to sleep about 6 hours, eat 3 – 5 times a day, training one muscle group per day while taking a run every second day until I go back to the bay and see where it gets me as of tomorrow!

Today was a pretty heavy day taking it all in with no service from Telkom and lack of ability to share with you peeps, I made some Chocolate Banana Pancakes without a blender and forgetting to powder my oats, so the texture wasn’t great but got the nutrients in for breakfast (can be seen on Instagram, my lunch was some Roman’s Pizza and I finished off dinner with Lemon Spice Chicken Burger and Chips after my brother’s evening performance, that clocked off the day and I went back to Roman’s, just to get a bit of the WiFi since I’m already such a loyal customer and used them to get to this plan and share it with you guys.


The week could go pretty well with me gaining about 0,5 – 1 kg in muscle mass or I could lose weight drastically, become obese or die due to hypothermia in my sleep but either way, it’s worth the challenge as me being here has opened up my mind and body to going through with this and hopefully a pretty helpful training plan will come of it, fingers-crossed.

#FATfitness #FATjourney


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