Day 2: Up In Arms


I wake up with shakes and a sore-ish throat but I had to get up because my bro’s performance is at 2 pm, I decide I’m gonna put in the work first, then eat breakfast, shower and leave for the show.


I started the day and my isolated muscle group week with arms and I hadn’t really managed my time right in terms of getting up, training, eating and showering, because I ended up not showering in the morning. Here’s the session below:

THE ARM WORKOUT                                                       

DURATION: 40 Minutes

REST TIME: 1 Minute

DB Bicep Curls – 3 x 12

DB Hammer Curls – 3 x 10

DB Zottman Curls – 3 x 8

DB Tricep Kickbacks – 3 x 12

DB Standing French Press – 3 x 10

DB Skullcrushers – 3 x 8


It really got quite a shaking pump out of my arms, which is what I always desire when training my arms, remember that the weight should be around 20% – 25% of your body weight, that’s the reason why the workout is ranging in the hypertrophy to endurance region of sets, reps and rest. – Check out the video for the workout on Instagram.

Chocolate Banana Pancakes

The Chocolate Banana Pancakes turned out a lot better this time and worthy of posting the recipe which should be up soon with a savable image for easy access. Believe it or not, I’ve only eaten twice and thinking of having a midnight meal as I type this, besides the pancakes, I had Nandos Spicy Rice and Chicken and that’s all, both being filling when needed but I’m definitely at a caloric deficit with those two meals only but anyway ..


In all honesty, Day 2 wasn’t really a good day, but you know you’ve got to keep pushing even on your bad days because that’s when you need to the most as if you do that you’ll become stronger mentally and obviously physically in your fitness journey. FAT peeps let’s connect!

#FATfitness #FATjourney

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