Evox Nutrition is a long term friend of mine in making gains, before it even changed its look along with the names of some its products and I’m sure with the changes came the same, if not, better quality in the products. I have used many of their products mainly to gain mass: 5XL Muscle Meal, 5XL Formidable Mass, Solid Mass and now Mega Grow, which will be the first one I’ll be reviewing since I’ve started the blog and my most loyal followers have asked for it – I appreciate you FATfam that’s reading – so I’ve decided to review some of the supplements that I use and have used recently, since I’ve started FAT.

Mega Grow has got a great taste, it was pretty effective for the past month that I used it and it’s a cost effective alternative to make lean gains especially if you are running on a student budget.

Nutritional Value

It is made out of a protein matrix derived from three sources of protein and a tri-blend of carbohydrates, giving a good ratio of protein and carbs in every serving with 39g and 47g, respectively and 3g of fat to ensure that it won’t be adding unnecessary edges to your diet. It doesn’t contain creatine which would add to this and be a bonus in adding to strength in the gym but with it’s current ingredients, it is good enough for the gains.

Each 100g serving contains 372 calories which would work especially for those trying to make lean gains or even those who want to lose weight. It has about 14g of BCAAs (good for protein synthesis), which will accelerate recovery and reduce muscle soreness, I do experience less muscle soreness while using it.


The recommended water quantity gives a good consistency, making it very smooth and delicious, not being too sweet even though I did only buy the chocolate flavour. The only thing that I mixed it with was water and it mixed well and easily, so I don’t really think it requires any other liquid unless you testing taste differences or want other nutrients coming from things like milk or other foods, e.g. oats.


While I was using it, I recovered pretty well after workouts, didn’t feel tired and sore which is a good sign that the ingredients contain enough amino acids to accelerate recovery.

After I drank the supplement, I didn’t feel bloated, which you can get from many supplements out there and my stomach didn’t get upset once while I was using which shows good quality blending of the ingredients.

I managed to gain 2 kg while using Mega Grow as a meal replacement between my “main meals” and I sometimes added it to my oats in the morning to sort of put two meals in one on a busy morning.


The price of Evox Mega Grow is approximately R150 for 1 kg with 10 servings which is about R15 per serving, which is about R450 for a month supply. I feel that depending on how much you can spend, a 10 servings, 1 kg can be bought and using food to adjust to the quantity would mean that you could buy two tubs to accomodate yourself as a student, but still have a meal replacement on those busy days.

Takealot.com has got some good sales of supplements and that’s how I managed to get my tubs for R115 per tub, which was a good deal at the time because I had saved well to buy supplements last month and it turned out to be a good buy in the end, 2 kg heavier with no side affects as I’m also not allergic to anything and the quality is worth the value.

Overall Evox Mega Grow Omni-Fuel is a good buy, it is effective, it tastes good and is worth all the money it asks for. The next time I save well or there is a good sale going on, I wouldn’t think twice of buying the supplement again. The chocolate flavour is great.




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