Day 3: Back Days and Show Nights


The weather has been warmer today and I was enjoying my sleep a little more this morning due to this I’m guessing. I was running a bit late, because my bro had a “sound check” at 12 and I wanted to get in back day before I left, which I managed to do and had two scrambled eggs with bread and some peanut butter for breakfast/post-workout.


Today was back day (hence the title) and it was very difficult coming up with some effective exercises than my usual back routine in a gym or the trim park but managed to get something that really works on my back and incorporated usual barbell exercises with the dumbbells, here’s the workout below.


DURATION: 40 Minutes

REST TIME: 1 Minute

DB Shrugs – 3 x 20

DB Rows – 3 x 15

Stiff Legged Deadlift – 3 x 12

Plank Single-Arm DB Row – 3 x 10

DB Pull Over – 3 x 10

I figured that since I’m living like such a rockstar here, how I’m eating hasn’t been very nutritious, I thought it would get better as the days went by , but right now, I don’t feel like I should even share it because I’d be sending the wrong message in that my breakfast being good nutrition and then my lunch consisting of some KFC chicken pieces and chips, not being very good and half a chicken for dinner which is alright, that’s me today. Until I get back to the bay, my nutrition will not be as consistent as I want it to be or even close to my training consistency.


Today turned out to be a very good day in that the performance went smoothly tonight, back session feeling me up well right now and I slept with four meals in today so I feel the gains are ongoing after this day.

#FATfitness #FATjourney

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