Day 4: Chest and Chill


Just when I thought I was adapting to the weather in Grahamstown, I woke up and felt warm but then I went out to buy some food and the wind just reminded me of how I haven’t been here for that long to understand or adapt to the weather.

Today my bro has no performance and so I slept in and decided to have a chilled day, but I managed to be driven to get a chest workout in and wanted to provide the FAT peeps with some chest pump, because who doesn’t love training it?


Let’s remember that the core focus of each training day is to gain strength and size, while the way I’ve been eating should drive those mass gains, so rest assured that each workout should bring about a pump.


Single-Arm Floor Chest Press – 3 x 20

Floor Flys – 3 x 15

SUPERSET – 12/10/8

Wide-Stance Push Ups

Diamond Push Ups

Svend Press – 3 x 8

The workout really starts off pretty chilled, but as you go on the intensity picks up and failure easily starts picking up in the push ups, but nonetheless it leaves that shaking pump that is desired and works the whole chest.

I’ve only eaten one large pizza and just vegetables for dinner, I’m still a bit disappointed in the way I’m eating because I can already feel the skin around my stomach thickening and that usually isn’t a good sign, but at the same time it is probably part of the gains as I haven’t been exceeding my calories and macro goals, so it may be all part of the process and that is what I enjoy.


When I get home, I’ll have to weigh myself to see if any gains have been made during this week as I’ve got three more days here and two more training days, so soon I’ll find out if my training and eating was scrap or I actually got some worthwhile gains from it and this trip. Today was a very chilled day and to be honest, it feels good.

#FATfitness #FATjourney


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