Day 6: Shoulders on the Last Show Day


Today I woke up pretty motivated because it is the last day of the training plan and I managed to stick to it all the way, it is also the last full day in Grahamstown and I hope that I have made proper gains in muscle mass when I get back to PE.

I haven’t been training shoulders or legs as much as I used to and it’s disappointing but I hope I’ll be getting back to regular routine with something that works for me after this week, but it looks promising to be honest, otherwise here’s the workout below:


DURATION: 40 Minutes

REST TIME: 1 Minute

Single Arm Shoulder Press – 3 x 20

Bent Over Lateral Raises – 3 x 15

Standing Lateral Raises – 3 x 15

DB Upright Rows – 3 x 12

Push Press 3 x 20

It was a good evening performance managed to get a pretty good crowd to watch my brother perform and there was good engagement too. We decided to get some Spar Burgers for dinner as they make some very good ones being fully loaded with egg and bacon in too making it very difficult to handle.

I haven’t eaten many portions per day here, so the portions are pretty big and since I’ve been “on the road” they are not very nutritious meals but I think they do maintain my weight or put me in a calorie surplus. Most of the foods don’t have nutritional value or bar codes that MyFitnessPal can read therefore they are highly based on estimation, it is a week holiday in Grahamstown anyway, so I will indulge.

Push Press


I’m feeling good that I’m leaving tomorrow and that the training plan has worked out pretty well, if you have been following the journey, hopefully you’ve gotten yourself a free training plan for the week because I really have felt and seen the pump and gains, you can see them in the videos or maybe I’ve just always been like that. Anyway it has been a good time here and look out for my final words on the trip, we leave tomorrow morning so I’ve got to get a good night in. Good night #FATfam!

#FATfitness #FATjourney

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