Day 7: Goodbye National Gym Festival



For those who don’t know, I came to Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival where my brother was performing, I came because I would be paid for my services, I really wanted to travel and needed to make money to travel to Cape Town for the holiday. Before I came I decided that I’ll come with weights to train, little did I know that I’d get a new workout routine from it and I thought I’d document all I can about the trip and what I did for the people wanting to try new things, like travel, different routines or get out of the box or comfort zone to get great ideas like I hope this was.


The plan went well in terms of training in that I managed to train and document every day that I did train, the problem was my eating wasn’t up to scratch because of laziness and lack of will to cook and clean at the friends place we were staying at. Otherwise you can look through Day 2 – 6 for the workouts that I had done on the trip and some included the junk that I was eating.

I have really enjoyed my time in Grahamstown and learnt a lot about my body and muscle groups in terms of ways I can maximize tension and ensure I get the most out of the workout. I wasn’t in the best of environment for myself has a whole I slept on a couch, worked out in a small lounge and lived right across from Roman’s Pizza, but that didn’t really stop my progress to be honest as I still got the workout in, I managed to sleep 6-8 hours per day and I didn’t always eat pizza haha – but I did  eat it a lot though – but it didn’t take away from the goal and hopefully I’ll get back to a scale being grams up and that is what I wanted.

The Bed


I am happy that I’m leaving, it’s going to be good to be back in the comfort of my flat and getting weekly groceries to get my nutrition back on track. It was a good time helping my brother with his performances and receiving the money I did, anyone need a manager/equipment handler/travel buddy for their music performances, hit me up (jokes). I have learned that I enjoy short, intense sessions in training more, I enjoy Roman’s Pizza and Shamrock Pies a lot, and Grahamstown is actually called Makhanda now.

#FATfitness #FATjourney

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