I was buying myself some groceries and realised that I’ve got money left over in my budget to buy myself a protein bar, I thought I’d get another different brand other than Grenade. I saw a variety of flavours and since I really enjoyed the Fudge Brownie flavour, I decided to try a different one.

Just an interesting fact about me, I appreciate the colour blue a lot, it is my favourite colour and it always catches my eye whenever I see it, no matter what shade, it’s an attractive colour. Anyway I decided to try the Cookies & Cream because I saw the blue package and I thought “Ooh Oreo tasting protein bar!” (Not really).

Nutritional Value

This flavour has 217 calories which is pretty much the same as the Fudge Brownie flavour, it keeps its theme of being carb killas with 1.5 g of impact carbs with the net carbs being 13.6 g, the rest of that carb content being the polyols I described in the Fudge Brownie flavour review and it also has 8.2 g of fat, so basically the nutritional value is pretty much the same and the ingredients too.


The taste always blasts with the chocolate coating but in this one, you then bite into the cookies and cream then caramel, the only problem with the taste would be that I tasted very little to nothing of the cookies and it was mostly cream, so that was sort of a let down otherwise it is still a delicious protein bar that blends the ingredients very well.

I think I buy these very hungry because I don’t take the time to try mix it with something like a smoothie or pancakes, or even bread or something, thus that will be my next goal because I see so many good mixing posts of these protein bars.


Since all the protein carry protein content of about 23 g, it makes them very good post-workout snacks for the weight loss, weight maintenance and muscle repair. Everything of this protein bar has had somewhat similar quality to the Fudge Brownie flavour in terms of having the same texture with the chocolate coating, the whey protein blend and caramel that is combined, but the biscuit bits and cream obviously is the difference but I think it could be improved in that taste because it really tasted mostly like a cream protein bar and very little cookie, otheriwise the blending of the ingredients and how they influence the taste in your mouth keeps it’s good quality.


I still think they are expensive at the Clicks Pharmacy that I get them from for R55 and think the price should try be reduced by at least R15 or maybe I’ll try order in bulk online in future when I get the cash because I truly do enjoy them and think they’re good when on-the-go and require that muscle replenishment – they are R39 from Chrome Supplements and Accessories

I enjoyed most of the protein bar because of it’s general ingredients being there like in the Fudge Brownie flavour but I was just disappointed by there being very little distinctive qualities in making it a Cookies & Cream flavoured protein bar. Otherwise the protein itself with the macros being Calories: 217 kcal Impact Carbs: 1.5 g Protein: 23.3 g Fat: 8.2 makes it a good protein supplement for recovery and muscle repair, weight loss and maintenance.




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