This was another trip to the Clicks Pharmacy after buying groceries at Pick N’ Pay, realizing that I’ve got to do some comparisons of the protein bars that I eat so that you, that takes the time to read my reviews, you can make your own decision on which to try first or which you’d actually consider to be your go-to protein snack hey. I choose the 68 g size so that it would be pretty similar and viable comparison to all protein bars that I end up doing.

I hope I’ve been reliable for you thus far but I’ll ensure to have more variety in the brands that I choose and I request that you make more suggestions on which products you’d like to be reviewed for your benefit to help decide if you’d go for the product or not, but without further a due, the USN Pro Protein Bar.

Nutritional Value

The protein bar is made up of about 270 calories and I’m going on an assumption that this is a norm for protein bars when they’re about 60 g in size. The protein bar has about 28.3 g of carbs, 18.1 g of protein and 9.2 g of fat. The ratio isn’t bad, but it can’t really be compared to the high protein low carb protein bars as it is high in carbs and majority of those carbs are sugar which is non-nutritious but otherwise it can be used after a workout for the recovery.


It carries a lot of sweet taste which may be a result of the chocolate coating and total sugars that it has, for me it honestly started getting irritating in the chewing and on throat but maybe that is because I ate a little more than the regular bar size (40 g). If you don’t like chocolaty, sweet things it may be too much for you.


The protein bar is slightly less than the amount of protein that is recommended post-workout but I guess the carbs would add to keeping the energy and gains, so the protein bar will be helpful in making them lean gains, weight loss and weight maintenance in the long run.

The texture of the bar is good but the consistency is pretty tough which can make it feel like you’re chewing a lot of thick chocolate bubblegum, making your jaws work. Nonetheless, the simple ingredients of a protein blend and milk chocolate coating, with many micronutrients (iron, zinc etc.) makes for a good quality product being the mix of a healthy protein snack and the taste of a sweet milk chocolate bar.


USN in general thrive on affordable prices and good quality, I think it’s even the reason they decided to start their business. The cost of the 68 g is between R23 – R25 and the 40 g is between R12 – R14 depending on where you buy them, I think they are the best protein bars to go for considering their prices alone with a range of Trust Bars, Delite Bars and Diet Fuel Bars, and probably more I haven’t mentioned.

I’m actually starting to like having protein bars and think that it could actually become a regular product for me to buy for myself in bulk but I’m still going through them, also considering macro content but more than anything, the quality must match the value of the product and I’ll have another one for you next week .. Come again same time, same place!




The Pro Protein Bar is a pretty simple, yet effective protein bar and it’s one of cheapest ones out there and if you’re looking to get your hands on some, you can get them from the USN website and using my code “oyisaUSN” you can get a 10% discount on anything that you buy.


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