I enjoy buying a sushi platter from Spar occasionally and thought it’d be worth getting another NutriTech protein bar since is the sequence of this protein bar series in which I do two ranges of each brand to see if they are different and comparable. Otherwise, I ate my sushi first and I guess the NutriTech Protein & Oats Bar was dessert with the extra protein and carb finisher since sushi doesn’t have much carbs.

An interesting fact about me, I love chocolate or strawberry flavoured things so much!


The protein & oats bar is made up of about 221 calories and it’s macros are 19 g Carbs, 17 g Protein and 7 g Fat. This shows that it is a lot lighter than the Smoreo Flavour in calories, but this isn’t much of a deal for a protein snack because most calories you should be getting from the nutritious food you eat.

The ingredients are very similar with the smoreo flavour but differ in that this flavour has Nu Way Granola (Rolled Oats), strawberry bits and some puffed rice which significantly changes its nutritional value because these carry less weight and energy in macros and calories, respectively.


The strawberry and milk chocolate coating blend together well, being a good prominent combination when first biting into the bar. It becomes a bit sweet as you eat more of it otherwise it tastes less like a protein bar but more of a cereal since it’s made with the NutriTech Nu Way cereal and this can be seen as an X Factor in it or something that takes away from it being a protein snack, but in terms of its overall taste, it is good.



I think what makes it good is it’s high quantity in carbs (19 g) because that ensures that your energy is refueled after the workout and it is now the highest carb containing protein bar of the reviews I’ve done, but the protein content (17 g), I don’t think is enough to fully repair and recover after a strenuous workout.

It’s texture is very similar to majority of the protein bars I’ve had in the series as it is rough in a sense but this doesn’t really change the quality of the protein bar much. I think that other than these factors affecting post workout effectiveness, it really does manage to be filling for a substantial period which can keep you going until your next meal (good mid-meal snack).


The protein & oats bar is also about R26 and I honestly feel that it is less valuable than the smoreo flavour for me, because of its lower protein content and me trying to make some gains, its calorie content is low for me. It is valuable due to it’s uniqueness in providing the oats with the protein, giving it a very unique feel, like it’s homemade.

Overall the NutriTech Protein & Oats Bar is one which I’d have and recommend when you’re just looking to top up on your macros, it definitely wouldn’t be my go-to protein bar because it just doesn’t cut it that much for me to be a great post-workout snack when I need the protein recovery. Otherwise, it tastes great with the contents giving the proper feel of the Strawberry Granola Flavour.



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