On my way back from work, I had to go buy electricity at Spar and so I decided to check out another protein bar because I want have a top 3 or top 5 picks that I’d recommend you buy so that you get the best buy in quality and protein content.

My first look was NutriTech because it was right next to the USN and I thought, since I was done with the USN ranges let me look at more competitors to actually make this a protein bar series and in the end put up my top 3 – 5 picks in protein bars you should try or be a regular user of, otherwise the packaging is bright and very eye-catching.


The protein bar is made up 429 calories which is pretty high compared to Grenade Carb Killas and USN Protein Bars nearly double both brands, it has 16 g carbs which is beneficial to replenish energy stores after a tough workout, 20 g protein which is sufficient to repair and recover muscles after their breakdown and 9.6 g of fat which isn’t a highly effecting the body, so the nutritional value is good as a high protein snack.


This smoreo flavour is really one of the best protein bars I’ve had since I’ve been eating these regularly and I’d definitely come back for more. It is a pretty simple ingredient blend but the taste is simply amazing with the taste of the whey protein blend and the milk chocolate coating easily complementing each other while being a hint too sweet towards the end of eating the bar but I think that came do to the speed I ate the protein bar, otherwise it tastes really good.



The protein bar with its 20 g Protein allows for a good amount for muscle repair and recovery, the 16 g of Carbs makes it the highest carb content of the protein bar reviews that I have done and this would be important to replenish energy after a strenuous workout. This macro information makes the protein bar an effective and high quality post-workout snack.

The texture is probably the smoothest I’ve had, considering the fact that its got cookie bits spread inside and I say again that the simplicity is one which works well for it since, it tastes good, its texture is great and its macro content allows for you to be full for a significant time before you eat again and providing the necessary functions substantially.


You’ll get the protein for the value of R26 usually, I’ve gotten from Spar and it’s the same price you’d get it online. This price isn’t too bad considering the protein being sufficient for a post-workout snack and it having cookie bits inside, with all ingredients amounting to 68 g, it makes it little more than it’s worth.

Overall this protein bar is definitely one of the best I’ve had so far and I think I’d definitely have it again. It compares very well to the Grenade Carb Killa Fudge Brownie since that is my favourite but I guess I’ll have to look at NutriTech’s other range which will come next week, for sure, so come back to check it out!




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