Quest Nutrition Protein Bar (Cookies & Cream)

Such has been the trend of my Protein Bar Review Series, I do at least two flavours or ranges of the brand that I decide to buy and pretty much it has always been mixed feelings with regards to each of the brands and to be honest, this one is no different. The Cookies & Cream flavour was really different to what I expected even though it looks very appetizing.


The nutritional value of the cookies & cream flavour is pretty much the same as the chocolate brownie flavour which is still very good at 4g net carbs, 1g sugar, 15g fiber and 2g Erythritol which makes the Total Carbs. This one is a bit higher in protein at 21g and fat is the same as it at 8g

Protein blend (milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate), with the almonds, soluble corn fiber, natural fluids and some sea salt and a little more processed in alkali like the chocolate brownie flavour but differs with its cocoa butter and the cocoa processed with alkali ingredients, it is still pretty simple in this respect.


The taste was honestly disappointing compared to the brownie flavor. I also didn’t enjoy the cookies and cream flavour of the Grenade Carb Killas so maybe it’s just a flavour thing, otherwise it just seemed the flsvours of the protein bar just didn’t mix well, depending on where you bite, you get a taste of the protein blend, the cocoa or the cocoa butter which just gives a constantly varying taste which makes it difficult to appreciate the bar as a protein mixture I think.


The above considered doesn’t change the fact that it’s calories and macros make for good content for your goals, especially if they involve low carb diets, mass gains or weight loss (calories: 200kcal carbs: 4g protein: 21g fats: 8g). It would be a good post-workout snack to repair and recover the muscles after strenuous workout.

Both Quest Protein Bars I’ve had are quite chewy and contain a sticky texture which gives them a soft toffee-like feel to them, otherwise doesn’t take away the fact that they truly are protein bars in context.


Obviously it is going for the same R41 of the chocolate brownie flavour despite slightly higher protein and difference in flavour.


In conclusion, the cookies & cream flavour looked very promising but I was disappointed just in the taste, otherwise this is just my opinion and you’re granted your own. It signifies a good quality protein bar with the protein content and manages to fill the spot with 200kcal




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