I finished early at work today since I worked overtime yesterday and thought I’d take a stop at the local Spar to get a Supps SA alternative to the Chocolate Mousse flavour to compare to and to be done with the brand and this fruity flavour really gave me mixed feelings like the first one.


The 50 g protein bar boasts 180 calories for those calorie conscious people who want them low calorie products, this would definitely work for you. The carb content is 23,9 g but majority of it (20,1 g) being sugar. It has 15 g protein which probably spans through the whole whey nougat protein bar range which is pretty disappointing considering that it’s also actually smaller than most, if not the smallest of all the protein bars that I have done. Fat content is low at 3,7 g but the high sugar that it also carries may add to this if the eater doesn’t use it post-workout or just as a midday snack while burning them calories.


The taste of the banana split was amazing, honestly, I even felt guilty eating it because it is too good to be considered a protein bar I think. The banana taste blends well with the dark chocolate coating, leaving the flavour to linger long after you’ve eaten and finished – so I’d personally give the taste alone a 10.



The effectiveness of the whey nougat protein bar doesn’t do great as a post-workout muscle repair and recovery snack because of its low protein content of 15 g, but the carb content of 23,9 g ensures you can have some energy restored after your strenuous workout. Quality midday snack, but not sufficient, I think, for those muscle building blocks required post-workout.


Supplements SA whey nougat protein bar are all the same price at R24 – R25 which I think is pretty expensive considering 40 g USN Pro Protein Bar goes for about R12 – 14 with higher protein content still so I guess the taste gives a bit of allowance but not R10 allowance especially for the company based in the bay and selling to its locals.

The Supplements SA Whey Nougat Protein Bar (This is really long to say) thrives on being very rich in its dark chocolate coating and its content sugars all around which makes it taste really good, but maybe the actual Whey Nougat Protein Bar range is just more of luxurious cheat snack rather than a “quite” healthy protein bar, I don’t know, what do you think? Check out the other Supplement SA protein bar review I did for comparisons.




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