The whey nougat protein was a spontaneous buy because I was just at Spar to get some prepaid electricity and the thought had crossed my mind, to get another protein bar to compare with the ones I’ve had recently and it’s just been South African brands besides the Grenade Carb Killas throughout the protein bar series.

I went with Supplements SA because it was honestly right next to the NutriTech Protein & Oats Bars and it just seemed right, so here we go!


It is 50g-sized nougat, pretty small in size made up of 180 calories and carrying macronutrients of 23,9 g of Carbs which is pretty high for protein bar and is actually more than its 15 g protein which is surprisingly weird, but it’s unique which should be credited for.

Finally it has 3,7 g of fat which isn’t bad at all, but it’s ratio is different to the usual protein bar, which can be seen as good and bad because when you eat a protein bar you expect its main content to be of high protein and this one is slightly different, but it being a Whey Nougat Protein Bar sort of gives it the edge in being a good energy replenishing and borderline luxury bar, somewhat like the USN Trust Delite Bar which is also a nougat protein bar, with its health benefits still being acknowledged for muscle recovery and repair post-workout even with the slightly insufficient protein of 15 g I think.


I honestly am not a big fan of Supplements SA in terms of the taste of their products, so I honestly wasn’t expecting something “wow” but they really outdid themselves on this one.

The dark chocolate coating is pretty thick and blends well with the whey concentrate and wafer tastes within it. What was slightly disappointing is that along the way of enjoying it, the taste of the Supplements SA Chocolate Anabolic Mass came through which I didn’t really like the taste of and this slightly affected my judgement, otherwise it has a good taste.



The effectiveness of the protein bar would be based on its macros, specifically its protein content as to see how well it affects muscle repair and recovery. It has 15 g which I’d say is really low for a protein product which should at least carry 20 g of protein I think to be sufficient.

The whey nougat protein bar product quality is rich in that everything seems to be sweet and pretty messy as the dark chocolate smudges all over, the nougat texture and feel makes for some tough biting and chewing therefore really sticking to its specifications, otherwise I guess this nougat feel is not really for me.


This protein bar ranges between R24 and R25 depending on if you getting from the store like me or online. It actually matches the USN Delite Bar (Chocolate-Caramel Nougat) which is 60 g while this is 50 g, therefore I’m assuming that the nougat protein bar that this is where these protein bars range in terms of monetary value.

The taste and quality of the nougat protein bar was rich and pretty thrilling but I don’t see it as a top option for a midday or post-workout snack because of its strange ratio in macros as a protein bar. Otherwise it was a very different experience and also just felt like a luxury chocolate like the USN Trust Delite Bar, even though the content isn’t as bad as a luxury chocolate bar. I think there are about two more protein bar brands I want to get through before the end of this series, so standby for possibly the next big thing in your fitness journey that I can help you get too!




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