Alpha Nutrition is a recently established company where I’m currently residing and I thought it would be appropriate that the last protein bar review of the series is with a brand that was founded where this FAT journey started (all sappy and sentimental, I know).

Well, I decided to get this yesterday and thought that it’d be good to finish the series off at the end of the month and start next week the new series, which I hope you’ll be ready for as this one was chosen by my FAT Family on Instagram!

Nutritional Value

The 65g serving carries 233 calories which is actually a pretty good amount for those who would need a filling snack post-workout, I think it is the protein bar with the highest calories of the Protein Bar Review Series and it’s worth mentioning since it has moderate carbs at 15g and high protein at 18.6g. The carb content is good for energy replenishment, the protein is slightly lower than what I say is the “minimum” sufficient value at 20g, but it is worth buying and used as that post-workout snack because of its filling qualities and these macros with fat also low at 8.6g.


This Alpha Bar is probably one of the greatest ones I’ve had of the series, it could be the chocolate coating or how the peanut butter cream invades the chocolate and whey protein tastes which I loved, but overall, it is one with a pretty amazing taste that doesn’t get overwhelming or deteriorate.



The macros being substantial in the effectiveness and quality of a protein bar, the carbs (15g) are sufficient for glycogen stores to keep you going even after training or during the day, the protein(18.6g) is just under that “minimum” value I speak about but can be highly effective in muscle repair and recovery and the fat(8.6) is low, making it good for whatever your goals are in future, being lean gains, weight loss or maintenance.

The Alpha Bar itself tastes and looks like a luxury chocolate bar, very similar to the Supplements SA Protein Bar, but is different in size and doesn’t contain the very luxurious flavours, but apparently Alpha Sports Nutrition has a new flavour coming out next week and is definitely something I’d like to review actually, what do you guys think? Anyway, it carries a similar sentiment of being a protein bar/normal chocolate which makes it good and nutritious but honestly “guilt free”.


It goes for R28.99 at Spar and online, I’ve come to realise now that these protein bars go over R25 in price which is what I’d pay maximum for a protein bar. It is clear that the USN Pro Protein Bar is the cheapest of the series.

since Alpha Sports Nutrition is adding to their protein bar range, I might as well push for it and just go with the flow of the series of trying two flavours/ranges of each brand, for those who have come this far with me! 




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