HIIT Workout 1

High-Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) has been the most adventurous type of training I’ve ever started using and is one I’d recommend for people who want to lose body fat, get lean or pick up a sweat in the shortest time possible. It is done in intervals in which you do a high intensity exercise in one interval and then you do a low intensity exercise or rest in the next.

Those who could use a quick effective workout during lunch or can’t even make it to a gym, could use it at home. It is a good enough workout within 20 minutes, but remember it is high intensity so depending on your fitness levels and weight, don’t over work yourself with the time ratios which I’ll explain just now. It really can tax your body and increase your heart rate while you doing it, so make sure that you rest enough after the high intensity interval or cycle and still push hard within the high intensity interval.

The time ratio is the time of each interval compared to each other, you can use a 2:1, 1:1 or 1:2 depending on how much you can take. I’d recommend 1:1 for starters in which your low intensity exercise or rest time will be the same as your high intensity exercise time.

Below is an example HIIT Workout I’ve done myself in which during the low intensity exercise interval, core/ab exercises are done which I find helps push you through to handle the following interval. There are a total of 10 exercises which are done in 2 cycles and you rest for 2 minutes between the cycles. Make sure you do as many reps as possible and don’t stop until the time stops you.

It can be done with pretty much any exercise, so switch it up so that your body is never used to an exercise – even use weights if need be. Try sneak in 2 sessions in the week to switch up your weekly program or make it something new to start doing 3 times a week depending on your time and will.


DURATION: 20 Minutes





REST TIME: 2 Minutes

1. Burpees

2. Lying Leg Raises

3. Lunges

4. Bent Knee Crunches

5. Squat

6. Bicycle Crunches

7. Push-Ups

8. Ankle Taps

9. Mountain Climbers

10. Plank 

For more information on High-Intensity Interval Training and other Interval Training methods, check out the link below from Greatist:

Greatist Interval Training Infographic


HIIT workouts are good for maximizing fat burn and increasing your metabolism, but like any other intense workout, you’ve got to at least have 24 hours of rest before the next workout. Oherwise HIIT is always something worth adding to your workout especially on days you’re looking to add a bit of intense and effective cardio to your routine.

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  1. I heard Dr. Martin Gibala (one of the researchers mentioned in the info-graphic/ one f the top researchers on the subject right now) speak about HIIT at a sports medicine conference last year! He has a huge range of research showing how interval training can benefit a wide range of people- from boosting performance in elite athletes to dramatically reducing diabetes and heart disease in at risk adults. His work is really interesting!

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