Upper Body Workouts


Building upper body strength has been something that I’ve struggled a lot with ever since I started weight training and that’s because once I had started, I stopped doing the bodyweight exercises I used to do before I started hitting the gym.

Forgetting how much those exercises had helped me is the reason why it took longer to gain my upper body strength, I think. Specifically push-ups, pull-ups and tricep dips are extremely powerful in building that strength and besides, what good is lifting a 20Kg Dumbbell when you can’t even carry your own bodyweight?

Pull Up


DURATION: 20 Minutes

REST TIME: 1 Minute per Set


Pull-Ups 4 x 8-10

Tricep Dips 4 x 15



Chin-Ups 4 x 8-10

Pull-Up Row 4 x 15



Wide Stance 4 x 10

Shoulder-width Stance 4 x 8

Diamond Stance 4 x 6

TIP: Just on each exercise to ensure that you work enough on each rep, where the exercise is at its most difficult to hold, hold that position for at least 1 second to maintain as much tension as possible and then as you return to the start position, do it as slow as possible for the same reason as before.

Push-ups can really be difficult with the supersets, so I find it best to superset them alone just by changing the stance to work a different muscle group more on each.(Chest, Tricep and Back)

If you feel you can add weight and reduce reps or increase reps, do as you please, but understand that the main purpose of the supersets is to gain strength and definition on your upper body, so don’t lose focus on that.



A benefit of these exercises is that you don’t necessarily need weights to do them and you’ll still get a good pump, like I’ve used the outdoor gym(trim park) close to home, which doesn’t have any sort of weight besides mine being there and I’ve improved my strength in the gym a great amount ever since I’ve gone back to these exercises and having a more defined body, has really been a bonus. Give them a try on your extra days and let us know how it goes.

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