Indulging on your Favourite Foods


I write this eating lunch at work, thinking about this whole cheat snack/meal idea in that a lot of people carry a lot of anxiety when it comes to eating food that is not necessarily nutritious for you. This can come in the form of cakes, pizzas, McDonald’s and my favourites muffins, I’m actually eating one right now, after eating my 2-Minute Noodles and for some reason I carry very little guilt because I haven’t had a muffin in long time, so it felt good having one soften in my mouth.

capp muffin

The Checklist for the Cravings Day and After:

  1. This is one of the moments of the day in which you’ll be indulging in something you love more than any other food you eat, enjoy the DAMN moment with no guilt or regret and if your whole week has been going well, reward yourself, but don’t over indulge!
  2. Track the macros of the goodie as best as possible to ensure that you’re not over-exceeding on them and you can adjust accordingly in your next meal to prevent this too.
  3. Ensure to get back on the more nutritious course the next day without falling back onto the indulging moment and I think this the hardest part, I know, but push through the day and you break the desire very quick.


It is important to not be hard on yourself, in that you will make the mistake of over indulging sometimes, you’ll feel bloated, guilty and anxious about the fact you’ve just had two muffins instead of one, but rather than feeling sorry for yourself, work around it, adjust your macros in the next meal and next day you get back to routine food, because at the end of the day, the fitness journey is about consistency not perfection.

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