Core Workout 1


There are always ways of training your body outdoors, from your shoulders to your calves. This will be the first workout I’m producing since the change of my blog, I’ll keep my promise in that it will always be easily identifiable and visual.

Abs are never fun to do, but their benefits are endless in that they 1. Boost your confidence and self-esteem, 2. They are evidence of hard work you’ve put in and 3. Training them increases your overall strength and balance because you improving your core.

I grew up fat, but around Grade 6-9 I went through the phases and became very thin and so I didn’t have to train my abs much, so the only time I really trained them was during rugby practice, if we had to do some exercises. It was late in Grade 10-11 when I really started training them because I gained weight so drastically that it affected my stomach and so I did something about it.

Right now, I wouldn’t say they are looking great because of not eating right during the exam period, but I still know that my core is not at a loss because I’ve still been doing the exercises. Once I get my clean diet going again, it should be back to happy days in terms of appearance. I’ve been trying to gain mass quickly in the recent picture on the right for the upcoming rugby season, so I can be forgiven for the slight loss in its appearance.

The workout is about 5 minutes per set and for beginners I’d say 2 sets is good enough, but as you go on you should be able to increase your sets, I generally do 3-4 sets depending on how I’m feeling. I split the exercises in terms of reps and what area of the abs they work in order to manage rep counting and tension build up in them.


DURATION: 5 Minutes per Set

REST TIME: 1 Minute per Set



Reverse Crunches


Star Plank

Side Plank Crunches


Plank Crunches

Plank Hip Twist

There are many exercises out there to work your abs, I find most of my exercises from DAREBEE as they also show which exercises work which area of your abs. In future I’ll experiment with more workouts and individual exercises that really work on my abs as I improve, I hope you will improve too. There will be a video in the following days on Instagram in case you need any assistance on how to do them and see how I do them. It’s always tough to start and during the workout, but it feels great to finish, like any other workout I guess.

Just keep going, let us know how it goes!

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