HIIT Workout 2

Legs stay the most important muscle group in my opinion as they are really what complete your body and prevent that mirror muscle stereotypical “carrot” shape which comes with not training them. I’ve always believed that strong legs also help with things that require your legs to be able to last a long period before fatigue and training them really builds that muscle required for definition.

The most helpful workout which I see has really boosted my leg strength, fitness and got me some leg definition is training up sand dunes. It is probably the most underrated workout I think, because it’s not the usual two hour leg day that leaves you with that 2 day leg pain but the benefits of it while you doing it and as you finish the session are evident.


Due to sand being unlevel ground, being little to not solid at all and having a lot of depth, it has more resistance than normal grass or cement on the road. Any extra resistance provided to your legs results in more strength and muscle building which gives that definition we want.


Due to the unlevel ground and incline, it can cause too much tension on the calves and achilles, so it is important to stretch all muscles well before and after the workout. The quads pump can make it difficult to walk just after you done, but it’s all worth it. It makes you tired very quickly and causes pump quickly so the session shouldn’t really be longer than 45 minutes including warm-up.

I’ve made a session which is really based on what I’ve experienced again, but if you can go harder and do more reps, go ahead, just don’t over work yourself as it is taxing on your body as a whole. I know it will be dependent on the length of the incline but this was made according to about 20-30 meters and everything should be performed up the dunes.


DURATION: 30 – 45 Minutes

REST TIME: 1 Minute per Set

1. 1 x Side shuffle each direction

2. 2 x Broad jumps

3. 3 x Sprint


Ensure that you start the rest time just as you at the bottom of the dunes after each set. Your rest per rep should be the walk down the dunes and if you need a little longer, take it because the sprints do burn your lungs and the leave your legs in a great pump.

Improve your aerobic fitness and getting ripped legs while doing it, what more could you ask for? Let us know how it goes.

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