Shoulder Workout 1

I've been home for a week and this week I decided to try create a program which would work with the 10kg weights that I've got here. I started Monday with a Leg Workout but due to a busy Christmas (Oh, Merry Christmas!), I wasn't able to post it up, but all will be revealed... Continue Reading →


Leg Workout 2

INTRODUCTION My legs have still been slacking because I've become lazy to train, but in my goal of gaining weight I've become a firm believer that most of my mass comes from my legs, so, TRAIN LEGS! Having the shape of a carrot with a big upper body and small legs is not something anyone... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Drink More Water

INTRODUCTION We always hear the importance of water biologically but it never gets to the point where we hear how beneficial it is for fitness so I'm going to just give some insight on it, based on whatever goals you plan to accomplish on your fitness journey. The first which is a general benefit is... Continue Reading →

HIIT Workout 2

INTRODUCTION This is one of the HIIT Workouts I've been doing for the month of February which incorporates the whole body. I have been doing short but intense workouts recently, because I'm trying to balance out the time I get back from work with the time I have to go to rugby practice or time... Continue Reading →

Leg Workout 1 (Bodyweight)

Before last week Friday, I hadn't trained legs in 2 months and that's because 1. I've had knee pains in both legs at different times 2. I didn't really know how to get a proper leg workout without going to the gym 3. I lost motivation because I no longer had a gym membership. I... Continue Reading →

How To Meal Prep

INTRODUCTION You never really value or understand the importance of preparing your meals for the next day(s) until you get a job that makes up your whole day, I recently got one and before I did, I'd stay at home, train, eat, train, sleep in between and then more eating, without worrying about money or... Continue Reading →

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