How To Meal Prep

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You never really value or understand the importance of preparing your meals for the next day(s) until you get a job that makes up your whole day, I recently got one and before I did, I’d stay at home, train, eat, train, sleep in between and then more eating, without worrying about money or how I’m going to get my next meal in.

One day on the job, I could feel that my body was eating itself and I only had enough money to get some small cupcake and I had four more hours to go before I clock off, so I decided that I really needed to do some petty meal prep for the upcoming weeks, “I saw the light”. I’ve seen these posts and pictures of people preparing lunches and dinners for the next five days and stuff, but for me it’s all about the next meal, so I prepare for the next day only, the night before.

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These steps I’ll be showing below are important in order to know how much you need to reach your body goals and for the few days I have been working I’ve come up with this formula related to the amount of time I have to eat and work, the amount of food I have, how much I can spend and if I have training later, how much do I eat before and after that and when. I see them as a guideline for successful meal preparation at a constant rate to ensure making of gains and no hunger games.


1. Research

This is probably the most important step as it’s the foundation, because you have to know what you should be eating to reach your body goals, quantities and what each food does to your body helps you manage the following steps. Researching the amount of nutrients each food has and how much you should be eating to achieve body goals is what you need to know before preparing your food. There are many sources that provide you with the correct information you need, I am currently using MyFitnessPal which assists a lot in trying to achieve a certain amount of nutrients and guidance on how much you should be eating.

2. Record

Writing down what food your body needs, grocery lists, how many meals you plan on eating and when you plan on eating each of them – usually I space my eating by 2-3 hours – because it remains constant and your body gets used to routine to eat at certain times then, this ensures consistency in eating patterns which is important to achieve your body goals. As you become accustomed to your records, it’s easier to have mental notes which reduce the admin.

3. Prepare

This is when you actually prepare what you’re going to eat, I rarely set a time to do it. I’ve realised I’m lazy in that sense or I just don’t like waiting, so I find it best to prepare while I’m cooking dinner, but generally the night before is always best, to prevent spoiling of food and making sure no time is wasted preparing the next day.

4. Repeat

Consistency comes with conscious repetition, which is not easy due to laziness, lost time or no food ideas, but if you set yourself the time to do it every time you are cooking dinner it comes easily, because no one likes waiting as it is a waste, so rather be productive in that you keep doing your meal prep at that time ensuring no lost meals, achieving your daily meal goals, ultimately your body goals.

5. Reward

I count rewards as a step because a very important way to continue improving or aiming for success is seeing the results of the work you’ve put in and that is why I’d say it is important to check yourself out at least every two weeks in terms of how you look, how much you weigh and feel after a good few days of repetitive food preparation as positive results are the most rewarding. Rewards can also be looked at as allowing yourself to indulge in a cheat snack or meal after a certain period of meal preparing well as this motivates your continuation of preparation until the next reward you give yourself.


In this sequence I remind myself during the weekend to go through what I need to ensure that a good month of meal preparation and eating right is achieved as this reduces the chances of hunger and missed meals, thus my body cannot complain with me and make it difficult for me to work during the week.

Breakfast is no longer the most important meal these days, but the next meal is. I hope these steps assist you in achieving your body goals, the formula is easy to remember and ensures consistency, which is key, so let us know how it goes!

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