How to Be More Nutritious When Eating Out


This is a major issue in nutrition, in that some people feel that when eating out are restricted due to their strict diets or their anxiety or fear of going off track. I feel that it is important to understand that one meal won’t change your whole body unless you make an unhealthy habit out of it.

I want to provide tips on how to eat when you are going out, how to manage the quantity of the food that you eat, and to make sure that you get on track as soon as possible, because it is a fitness journey, not a goal, therefore you should strive for continuous improvement not perfection.


  1. Choose the restaurant which will cater for your cravings and your nutrition goals – research places you’d like to try and be adventurous, but not too much and be disappointed with the rarest chance you get in indulging.
    Image result for restaurant
  2. Drink water before you eat, to manage the quantity and let it be the only thing you drink      during the course of your stay to reduce or prevent the sugars which come with soft drinks, otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with a pint of red wine.

Eat until you’re full and ENJOY your meal, but don’t overindulge.


Eating out doesn’t have to make you feel guilty if you know your limits, you don’t even have to have any limits actually because like I said before, one meal is not going to ruin your body, just be sure to get back on track with the tracking of your calories the next day, regardless of how inaccurate your calories/macros may be after the eating out.

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