We always hear the importance of water biologically but it never gets to the point where we hear how beneficial it is for fitness so I’m going to just give some insight on it, based on whatever goals you plan to accomplish on your fitness journey.

The first which is a general benefit is that water makes up 60% – 70% of your body composition, just that will mean that whatever you plan on achieving, water is a focal point in achieving it.


  1.  Mass gains: Your muscles are made out of +70% water, body fat about 10% and your whole body about 60% and during the day you lose a lot of it thus a good number to try achieve is 3l of water/day in order to replenish your muscles, body and ensure those gains
  2. Weight loss: To ensure you keep a caloric deficit when eating smaller portions and you may feel hungry, drinking more water can make you feel fuller after eating and won’t add unnecessary calories to your diet
  3. Training: Water assists in regulating body temperature when training and lubricates joints, allowing a sweaty but smooth training session


Whatever your goals are in fitness, water is a necessity due to its composition in your body and also due to this composition your body can only survive for a maximum of a week without it. Take these notes to heart and start unashamedly carrying your water to reach your fitness goals.

To help you on your drive and hydration, I have left a link to about a 900 ml water bottle you can buy from amazon to make it easier to hit those 3 litres:


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