Anabolic vs Hyperbolic Mass

I thought I’d touch on this because a friend of mine had asked about it, because he wanted advice on which one is better to take and all I could say was hyperbolic, because I’ve known hyperbolic to mean exaggerated in some sense, so you would be exaggerating gains in mass and I just didn’t know how to compare it much to anabolic. I wasn’t too far off, but to be clearer, I thought I’d do a post on it.

The Difference Between Anabolic and Hyperbolic Mass

Anabolic Mass relates to the metabolic process of anabolism in which your body builds larger molecules from smaller molecules through the use of your energy sources and the building of muscle is what makes it anabolic. Hyperbolic means to be exaggerated, therefore Hyperbolic Mass is indicating that the gains that you’ll be making will be exaggerated if you use it.

Otherwise, the difference mainly lies in the nutritional value which can be found on the nutrition label, the only brand which I’ve seen with Hyperbolic Mass is USN and it seems mainly targeted at people with fast metabolisms to increase their chances of muscle growth and ensuring that they can achieve a calorie surplus to build muscle mass as people with slower metabolisms that would presumably stick to anabolic mass to reach their calorie targets.

Which is Better Between Anabolic and Hyperbolic Mass?

In terms of which one is better, it depends on that nutritional value and your goals in a certain time period. The things which I can point out in looking at for muscle mass gains, which I assume is what you looking to do with Anabolic or Hyperbolic Mass, is to look at the calories (energy in kilojoules), carbohydrates and protein, the one which carries the higher content of these nutrients is the one which is better for greater gains. I have done reviews on USN and other supplement brand products which you can find at Supplement Reviews.

Where You Can Buy Anabolic or Hyperbolic Mass

If you’re more interested on this USN Hyperbolic Mass or want to actually get it, you can buy it, USN Anabolic Mass or any other products from USN, you get them from their website and using my code “oyisaUSN”, you can get a 10% discount.

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  1. Omar Orrie

    Effective answer, and really easy to understand. Thanks for that, because I really needed the advice:) ..

    1. Oyisa Hackula

      Thank you for taking the time to read it, subscribe to the email list to get exclusive content straight to you.

  2. Andrew

    I started using anobolic and my body was getting bigger, then I took hyperbolic it worked better, i was getting muscles and hard body not getting big. I think anobolic is for small body people who wants to get big

    1. Oyisa Hackula

      Interesting take, but it depends on many factors, but as you get bigger, your body requires more calories and macros before it can gain more mass. Therefore, if you had eaten the same amount as you got bigger, it made sense that you were gaining muscle, but then just losing fat. To know more about calories and macros, checkout the links below:
      What Are Calories:?
      What Are Macros?

  3. Marzell

    I have 2 dumbbells, Ab wheel, skipping rope and all I do is full bodyweight exercise.
    This was due to I can’t afford the Gym but it’s interesting when people ask where I go Gym?

    So I’ll add in one of these so they keep asking more 🙂

    But working out is all about discipline, eating well, letting your muscles recover and commitment because whatever you use if you don’t have these…You’ll waste your money buying gains, gym payments and all that so…piece of advice to those thinking Protein is a shortcut to muscle gain.

    1. Oyisa Hackula

      If you want to, do it! I hope it helps you.

      I wouldn’t say it any differently what you said, there’s no shortcut to muscle gain and any supplements are just that, supplements. They are just meant to help you achieve your fitness goals, but don’t replace a good balanced diet, hard work, patience and consistency on mindset, training and nutrition. Ultimately, the discipline to achieve what you want, whatever it takes, no matter where you are or what you have, is the key.

      Thanks for your comment, keep working hard!

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