HIIT Workout Three


This workout is one in which I didn’t push too hard, for one, I didn’t use weights, two, I only went for 3 rounds and I guess since I sweat easily and didn’t sweat that much with this one, I can say that it can be a starter workout for those getting into High Intensity Interval Training and trying to reap the benefits. It is the only type of way I’ve been training for the past two months and I really feel the cardiovascular benefits and the muscle building effects.


  • Timer/Stopwatch/Phone
  • Towel (For your SWEAT!)


DURATION: 4 minutes/round – 3 Rounds = 12 minutes

REST: 30 seconds/rep and set

Shoulder Taps – 30 Seconds

Wide-Stance Push Ups – 30 Seconds

Mountain Climbers – 30 Seconds

Normal/Star Plank – 30 Seconds


This is a pretty easy workout which can be done from anywhere due to it being a bodyweight workout. Don’t expect to make much muscle mass gains since there’s no great resistance tearing and building the muscle, but ensure that you push until that timer is up!


Written by Oyisa Hackula

A 22 year-old Industrial Engineering Student at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, completing my Bachelor of Technology and I'm playing a bit of rugby there too. I'm passionate about rugby, fitness and all things that I do and put my mind too. I find a muse in how anything can be changed through consistency and persistence, maintaining an ambitious character that I want to be experienced and shared by everyone that knows me. I strongly believe in continuous improvement, nothing and no is perfect, so we should keep trying to better ourselves.

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