RememberThe249 Challenge Vol 1: Day 1-3


This is a Push Up Challenge I decided to start on National Human Rights Day in South Africa, this day was marked as a tribute to the black people (180 wounded and 69 killed) during the Apartheid Era, who were protesting against the pass laws which were enforced upon them in 1960. They protested unarmed towards the Police Department of the time and were shot at, this is a major event in the fight against Apartheid, more of the history on SA History Online.

The purpose of this challenge is in honour of Human Rights Day for what it is, a day to celebrate our rights as humanity, basic rights such as food, water and electricity. These rights are violated a lot to this day and it’s important that we are aware of this and spread their awareness. It is in remembrance of the 249 casualties of the Sharpeville Massacre, because many were wounded and killed fighting for the greater cause of allowing me to walk around without any pass laws or forced segregation and train however I want, whenever and wherever I want to without being asked any questions about it. It is also to create awareness of gratitude to those 249 who fought for my rights and gratitude for the life I currently live and the rights (opportunities) that I have been exposed to over the years.


This is a 12-Day Challenge in which 21 push ups will be done everyday until the 12th day = 255 push ups, for every person that shed blood for the cause in that protest against unfair laws, it is an Instagram challenge and encourage that everyone that hasn’t taken part, starts NOW. The hashtag running is #humanrightsdaychallenge #rememberthe249. My date ends on the 1st April, but if you start later, get the 12 days done and maybe you’ll end up enjoying push ups and all for a great cause of creating awareness through fitness. Thus far 63 push ups should have been done off my count, but no one says you can’t do more, the more the merrier.


I want to share all the people who have been apart of it so far, who all have a passion for fitness and training. I hope it won’t stop here! Libhongolethu Geza who has experience in playing provincial rugby for Eastern Province Kings, Ndibule Soboyisi of Noble Fitness Techniques and Callan Dewar who is a Half Ironman Medalist and Mandla Tutani, a man who has started on a bodybuilding journey recently. See their pages below:

Libho Geza

Ndibulele Soboyisi

Callan Dewar

Mandla Tutani


I hope there are no grey hairs here and have inspired you to start your fitness journey somewhere with a great cause. I am currently in Ocean Basket and just finished a Platter For Two, because I haven’t eaten the whole day, so somewhat of an Intermittent Fast. I hope my FAT Community will join me in creating awareness in honouring and fighting for our rights, the way we know how over here – through fitness.

We going through load shedding and brown water a lot recently and I hope somehow we can change this situation and have a change in the system of corruption or getting basic services provided consistently through maintenance and kept promises. I hope




Written by Oyisa Hackula

A 22 year-old Industrial Engineering Student at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, completing my Bachelor of Technology and I'm playing a bit of rugby there too. I'm passionate about rugby, fitness and all things that I do and put my mind too. I find a muse in how anything can be changed through consistency and persistence, maintaining an ambitious character that I want to be experienced and shared by everyone that knows me. I strongly believe in continuous improvement, nothing and no is perfect, so we should keep trying to better ourselves.

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