Core Workout 2


This a core workout where I incorporated some moves from an instructor and added my own to get a good strain on the abs and core strength, I hope it won’t feel too bad with the way I do it but it can be adjusted to work for you.


5 kg plate/weight


DURATION: 3 minutes/set

WORK: 45 seconds

REST: 15 seconds

1. Russian Twist + Leg Extension

2. Alternating Knee Crunches

3. Reverse Crunch + Hip Raise

You should have a controlled movement focusing on the contracting muscles in the exercises. Exercise 1. works your obliques and upper abs, 2. The full six pack will be worked and 3. the lower abs.


I feel that the controlled movement ensures mind-muscle connection, but remember at the end of the day, your nutrition will always determine wether your abs are revealed or not – be in a caloric deficit.

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