Tip #11: Top 5 Meat Protein Sources


There are many ways to gain protein which is sufficient for your utilization of protein, generally speaking there are many ways to get protein which can ensure that you are hitting your macronutrients (macros), being the nutrients that is required by you in high quantities and calories.

This can work for my fellow omnivores or the carnivores out there, so if you’re on the fence about eating meat or you’re vegetarian or vegan, this ones not for you sorry. I’m only going to focus on the ones I personally have heard a lot about and experienced to be beneficial in my nutrition.


You preferably eat both meat and vegetables and unless you’ve got allergies and personal preferences, you have a great variety of protein and I’m going to put in the top 5 with their protein counts according to 100g:

    Skinless Chicken Breast = 31g
    Lamb Chops = 25g
    Lean Steak = 21g
    Lean Beef Mince = 21g
    Pork Chop = 20g


There are so many things to consider when choosing your protein source, like the cost, amount of carbs and fat on it and how it is bred by the brand/company. Otherwise, I personally choose chicken breasts because of how lean they are and since they are the highest protein content essential in muscle growth and repair.


Written by Oyisa Hackula

A 22 year-old Industrial Engineering Student at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, completing my Bachelor of Technology and I'm playing a bit of rugby there too. I'm passionate about rugby, fitness and all things that I do and put my mind too. I find a muse in how anything can be changed through consistency and persistence, maintaining an ambitious character that I want to be experienced and shared by everyone that knows me. I strongly believe in continuous improvement, nothing and no is perfect, so we should keep trying to better ourselves.

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