If you follow me on Instagram @oyisahackula you would’ve seen that I recently won a giveaway with Grenade, winning a Protein Spread and Protein Biscuits which I had enjoyed, other than the fact that they’re free, I really enjoyed them and thought I’d do a review specifically on the Protein Spread. PS: I’m writing this during rest at the gym.


The nutritional value is one which involves a lot of questions with regards to any spread or protein spread that is made but this one has a pretty good ratio between calories and macros based on 33g serving:

Calories: 170 kcal

Carbs: 12g

Protein: 7g

Fat: 13g

It being a “Carb Killa” it has 9g of Polyols which you can check out at the same nutritional value section of the linked post. In essence it has 3g impact carbs. Otherwise with 7g protein, it has the same protein content as 30g serving of peanut butter.


This is really what separates this protein spread from other spreads out there. This is milk chocolate flavour is distinct and I’ve put on some pancakes, in bread or toast and in my protein shakes. It really adds great taste in the everything that I’ve used it in.


I feel that it has finished pretty fast, it only lasted a week. Otherwise with regards to the fact that it has 97% less sugar, made with whey protein, it’s gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, it gives it uniqueness in that it can satisfy a variety of people and be used by many, with this it carries very smooth and easily digestible texture and taste to that of Nutella but the more healthier option.


This is one of the most disappointing parts of this spread, it is pretty expensive, luckily I got mine through a giveaway. As good and healthy as it may be, it shouldn’t be going for the range of R110-R130 for approximately 11 servings, so that is the major questionable feature.


The spread is great tasting and is of high quality in its uniqueness. If it were to increase the potential serving size and reduce the price a lot, it can be a more prominent protein spread globally. Otherwise in South Africa it will still take time to make an major impact in the supplement and vitamins industry as a protein snack – the Fudge Brownie Carb Killa Protein Bar can go down as a great protein snack!




You can use the link below to use if you want to purchase the product:

Buy the Grenade Carb Killa Milk Chocolate Protein Spread

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