I want to post more workouts because they are more effective for you as a reader in terms of things that you actually do or try, I think that is the most important, because it is easy to gain knowledge, but the application of it is what makes the real difference in you achieving your fitness goals or not.

Please Note: No matter how much you train your abs, you will not be able to reveal them if your nutrition is not good, you need to be in calorie deficit to lose fat that will reveal your abs.


The following equipment I’m placing just in case you have access to them but they aren’t required in completing this workout, your body weight alone and towel is good enough:

  1. Mat
  2. Medicine Ball

The Ab Workout

Duration: 10 – 15 minutes

Sets: 3 Sets

Rest: 1 minute per set


  1. Knee Tuck Ins – 15 Reps
  2. Lying Leg Raises – 15 Reps
  3. Russian Twist – 20 Reps
Core Workout 3


This workout is great finisher to add to the end of your workout, like most core workouts, it brings in a great burn to build the ab muscles and strengthen your core. Try it out and let us know how you enjoyed it.


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