Appetite is the desire to eat food, this naturally comes from being hungry. Sometimes, one can have an appetite due to a mental illness, boredom and chewing gum. To suppress appetite means to remove this desire to eat.

To fat loss or strict counting of calories and macros, people may resort to appetite suppressing drugs. They believe they are the most effective or don’t have knowledge of naturally suppressing foods. These are usually low in calories and can aid in your fat loss goals due to this.

I have made this post to inform you guys of more cost-effective options in suppressing your appetite. These are foods which you can eat on a daily basis if you want to go throughout the day with less food to reach your calorie and macro goals.

What to Look For in Food to Suppress Appetite

  1. The digestibility due to texture results in something that the body digests slowly ensuring that you feel full for longer. Do some research on foods that the body digests slowly – known as low GI foods.
  2. Food that is high in soluble fiber dissolves in water which turns it into a gel-like material. It lines digestive system walls and slows digestion.
  3. High protein foods suppress appetite.
  4. High fat foods are also filling, which is also due to their breaking down not being easily done in the body (slow digestion). It is important to eat more unsaturated fats (plant fats) rather than saturated fats (animal fats) because of nutrition. If you need more understanding of this and other macros, check out this post.
  5. The food you eat is usually more nutritious than the artificial supplements that you can get at pharmacies and supplement stores. Always look for natural appetite suppressants, more from food than drugs.
Appetite Suppressing Foods

Suppress Your Appetite with these Foods

1. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has appetite suppressing qualities due to it’s slightly bitter taste and the smell of it. It also contains antioxidants that helps with release gas from your body.

It also tastes great, but like any chocolate, you shouldn’t eat too much because of the sugar. I have recently seen “no sugar” chocolates, but don’t know how true that is. Otherwise, dark chocolate is always a great snack to incorporate into your diet every now and then.

2. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a pepper that is usually used to flavour your food. It is quite spicy, but it’s said to be a moderately hot chili pepper. It contains qualities that suppress your appetite and also increases your metabolism which can add value to your goals of managing your calorie intake or losing fat.

3. Water

Water is one of the best options in suppressing your appetite because as much as you may drink, you’ll never exceed your calorie intake. It assists when you having craving for cheat snacks and meals by suppressing your appetite.

I’ve found on days that I drink more water I tend to eat less food. When I feel hungry, I just down a bit of water. You can drink it before, during and after a meal and remove the feeling of being hungry that sometimes comes after a meal.

4. Oats

Oats is made of carbohydrates which burn slowly in digestion therefore when you eat them, you will feel full for longer after eating it. The high fiber content is also the reason for fullness.

5. Avocados

Avocados are made out of nutritious unsaturated fats which take awhile for the body to digest. Other than the fact that they are plant fats, they also suppress your appetite due to this. They also contain fiber that can ensure you feel full as digestion is slowed by the soluble fiber in them.

6. Coffee

Coffee contains molecules that cause your appetite to decrease, besides that, it speeds up your metabolism and boosts your energy. When you feel you’re hungry during the day, enjoy a cup to remove your desire to eat. Be aware of the fact that it is a diuretic which makes you lose water.

Do You Want to Lose Fat?

The reason most people want to suppress their appetite is to lose fat and there are many products out there being “natural appetite suppressants”. To just to be safe, rather get them from whole foods. I have put in more tips on losing weight/fat here. Otherwise, subscribe to receive fat loss guidance catered for your body type and your schedule.


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