If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I was in Cape Town for a week adventuring, exploring and trying some new cuisines. I had gone to a Clicks Pharmacy near my residence and looked at some protein bars to find that there’s some that I haven’t tried and I hadn’t done a supplement review in a while so I thought, why not.

I saw the Quest Nutrition Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and honestly, it looked promising because anything chocolate, I love, the Chocolate Brownie flavour wasn’t bad, the Cookies and Cream, wasn’t as good as expected, but this one seemed pretty legit.

Nutritional Value

The calories and macronutrients are the most important components of the nutritional value in the protein, it is relatively low in carbs with 4g net carbs, 21g protein which is a very good amount to have in a protein bar and it’s made of 8g of fat which is also low, it makes this protein a great source for a post workout snack.


The theme of the Quest Nutrition bars is that they don’t have any thick coating, of some sort of chocolate, that you see on most protein bars and this one is no different with it just having the cookie dough colour and chocolate chip bits mixed into it. The taste is the best that I have had of the Quest Nutrition Bars so far and would definitely recommend as a first option of the Quest Nutrition bars.

Quest Nutrition Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Insie


It is a highly effective protein snack with 21g of protein, it’s low in carbs and fat for those macro counters and those who want to keep those macros low. It has a great texture about it making it a good chew and you can taste the whey in a way.


The cost of it was not as expensive as I had bought the other Quest Nutrition Bars before, with a price of R35 in Cape Town, it’s pretty decent considering the fact that it is a protein bar being put at a Clicks Pharmacy in Cape Town where everything is a lot more pricier than most cities in the country.

Quest Nutrition Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


If you’re ever feeling adventurous when buying your protein bar and have got some money to spend, this Quest Nutrition Bar can be a great go to competing with Grenade Carb Killa in protein content, price and taste.




If you are looking to buy the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or a pack of Quest Nutrition Bars that I have done reviews on and more, follow the link below to get some (I am an Amazon affiliate, therefore I do receive a small commission for anything being bought below or using the link, so if you were to do that because you enjoyed this post and others, I’d appreciate that a lot):



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