HIIT Workout 4

Before I left East London, I felt the need to get into some HIIT workouts again with the goal of losing fat as I build muscle. I started doing HIIT workouts like the one below to use as a finisher to my workouts and it really burned but made the workout feel more fulfilling and satisfying.


The following equipment is necessary in achieving and completing the workout ensuring the intensity and the muscles being sufficiently under stress, leaving you breathless.

  1. Battle Ropes
  2. Sliders

The HIIT Workout

Duration: 10 minutes

Sets: 5 sets

Rest: 30 seconds per rep


  1. Battle Ropes
  2. Mountain Climbers with Sliders
HIIT Workout 4


A great workout finisher, leaving you fulfilled, yet wanting more. Adjust to your abilities in terms of sets and rest time to ensure that you don’t over train. Otherwise, your feedback would be appreciated if you happen to try this one out.

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