Since I’ve been in East London for the festive seaso, I’ve managed to try get in 3-4 days of training per week. Otherwise, I’ve decided to record another Core Workout that is a bit more challenging and maybe for more advanced trainers, because it was a tough for me, but it will surely burn your abs and build the muscles.

Core workouts are important for overall strength, especially if you want to come back stronger for your next weight lifting session, because the core is the centre of gravity for your body and therefore is where the load is balanced, so if you can increase the strength of where the load is balanced, then you can increase the weight of the load that is lifted, increasing strength and muscle size.

Please Note: No matter how much you train your abs, you will not be able to reveal them if your nutrition is not good, you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat that will reveal your abs.


The following equipment is required in ensuring the necessary intensity will be achieved, but like all workouts I will place with regards to core, you will be able to do body weight alternatives to make it easier in terms of being able to and less intense.

  1. Mat
  2. Dumbbell

The Ab Workout

Duration: 10 – 15 minutes

Sets: 1-3 Sets

Rest: 1 minute per set


  1. 1 Arm Dumbbell Sit Up – 5 Each Arm
  2. Weighted Side Plank Rotation – 10 Each Side
  3. Flutter Kicks Over Dumbbell – 10 Each Side
Core Workout 4


Another great finisher to your workout which can be very intense, that’s why I recommend starting with 1-2 sets, because it can be really taxing on your core, which is a great thing as you try to get it stronger. Otherwise try it out after your next workout and please give feedback as it would be much appreciated.


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