This post is more focused on calories as they are more detailed and important in understanding if you’re eating too much or too little, because they are units of energy and they are the fuel that keeps our bodies running as they are found in all food and fluids we consume. If you’re looking to eat less calories, it can be assumed that you’re looking to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat or weight.

Otherwise, you’re just looking to have a low calorie day, so I have created this to give you great and cheaper ways of eating less calories without going to extremes like popping pills or starving yourself, these are more natural ways of you eating less calories during the day as they come with their own uniqueness that will ensure that you eat less.


Coffee is a natural appetite suppressant, meaning it can take away your feeling of hunger for quite awhile, therefore when you’re hungry at work or school and don’t want to use money on high calorie canteen/cafeteria food, it is the safest option to have a cup. This is what I do when money is short or I want have a fasting kind of day because a sugarless black coffee has no more than 10 calories and with 2 teaspoons of sugar makes about 50 calories.


High protein food/protein (chicken, beef) is very filling, haven’t you noticed that if you eat your meat before anything else on your plate, you feel a lot fuller than if you were to eat the other way around, so start adding more protein to your meals as it can fill you up for a pretty long time before your next meal, even though their calorie content varies from low to high depending on the fat content of the meat and the type of meat it is with lean steak, mince or chicken are low in calories and pork being high in calories and lamb varying in calories the most.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are generally very low in calories, therefore if they make up most of your plate or diet even, they will reduce your total calorie intake by a lot, they may not be as filling but you can eat a lot of portions of them throughout the day and still manage a calorie deficit due to this which can result in fat and weight loss.


A glass of water before and even after every meal, will allow you to feel full and feel satisfied having eaten less and if you were to aim to drink at least 2 litres of water daily, trust that it would reduce your appetite throughout the day and push towards your calorie deficit. Other than that, it will ensure clearer urine and hydrated as your body is made up of about 60%.


High-fiber foods (whole wheat, whole grains) do not break down like other foods, they take long, therefore they can keep you feeling fuller for longer throughout the day, making them pretty effective appetite suppressants, even though their calorie content varies like protein.

These are foods which can ensure that you eat less calories per day, because these are all examples of foods which are low in calories and can be eaten in large quantites, their physical properties allow for slow digestion and they are also liquid fillers which have appetite suppressing properties like coffee and ensure long-term filling like water.


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