I had found these protein truffles at Clicks and felt I’d do a review on the product because of its nutrients and the purpose of them driving youthful living and a healthy lifestyle. I appreciate the feedback I’m getting on these reviews and hope that they’ll keep being helpful to you, the reader.

Nutritional Value

The truffles contain 12.5 g protein, 19 g carbohydrates, 1.9 g fat, with this protein I can be as a post workout snack (but not alone) while carbohydrates being 19 g it allows for the necessary nutrients to replenish glycogen stores and fat is pretty low so it won’t have a great effect on you. Considering the fact that it’s coated in white chocolate and has a sugar content of 1.3 g means that it’s perfect for those who cannot have a lot of sugar but also have a sweet tooth.


The taste of the protein truffles are really good and can pass as great healthy snacks yet, deceivingly delicious with the white chocolate coating being a perfect opening before you taste the milk chocolate and whey protein taste and texture with crunchy bits which all add their own unique, great taste.


In all the products which I have reviewed, the main quality that I look at in any protein snack is the protein which I believe should be sufficient in recovery and repair, generally 20 g of protein content is the benchmark and with this as you can see has 12.5 g of protein which I think isn’t sufficient as a protein snack you’d need on the go or post-workout to feed your muscles. You’d need at least 2 packets to get in a good amount of protein, which would be 10 truffles and this may cause a laxative effect if you haven’t got a strong stomach, so you’d have to tread lightly and ensure balance.


It costs R312.52 for a box of 12 packets, which would mean around R26 for a packet and depending where you buy it from, it may be more due to delivery costs and other levies. Otherwise, you’d be paying +-R2,08 per gram of protein which makes it pretty expensive for the content of protein it’s providing.


The protein truffles taste great, but maybe their macros would need a change in terms of their protein content in order to be a high quality protein product per serving. The other nutrients such as the carbs, sugars and fats are low as expected, which is great, but to achieve a sufficient amount of protein you’d need to eat an amount that may cause a laxative effect, otherwise it seems that some of its quality in terms of nutritional value had been sacrificed for the great taste. I will be looking forward to trying another product of theirs though! If you have other suggestions in products, please let me know.




The product you can get from the Youthful Living website where the price was taken from, but then this is not the price I had paid in getting it, I had bought it at Clicks at a slightly higher price.


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