Post-workout protein snacks are something that I like trying out, especially if I’ve got a busy day ahead and haven’t done a protein bar review in awhile. So this time around, I decided to take a USN Trust Crunch Bar, because I have never tried it and heard that it’s pretty good, so thought I’d do my own review on it and maybe it will be something that you’d love to try yourself or not.

Nutritional Value

In the 60 g serving, which is the usual size, it comes in with 211 calories which is low and perfect as a snack option. High in protein with 20 g and low in carbs (18 g) and fat (8 g), making it a perfect post-workout snack on-the-go when looking for a high protein option.


If you know me, you know I love chocolate muffins and brownies, so anything with any chocolate flavour or fudge brownie will have me glued to it. This one is no different, with the first bite comes the chocolate flavoured crunch that opens up to the caramel layer that adds extra sweetness, which sometimes can feel like too much sweetness, but still manages to be great in tastes and finally the protein blend and milk powders that make up most of the core of the protein bar come to light and actually finish it after with protein powder after taste that really fuses with the sweetness and makes it less sweeter. It also every now and then gives a salted caramel sensation.


The quality of the protein bars, I rate according to the actual protein content and other macronutrients, because they should contain enough protein for repair and recovery of the muscle after a workout. Otherwise, the carbs and fat aren’t as important but they do play a part, because you don’t want them to exceed your calorie and macro goals. The protein bars contain 20 g of protein which is sufficient enough to help in building or maintaining muscle. Most of the carbohydrates are made up of Polyols which are different from normal sugar carbs as they are low calorie alternatives.


This Trust Crunch Protein Bar is one of the expensive ones of the USN Protein Bar Range, while the cheapest one is probably the Pro Protein Bar (I do stand under correction) and this is due to the more content that you can get in this one with the rice crisps and caramel layer that makes it up. I honestly forgot how much I had paid for but you can get on the USN Shop for R419 for 12 x 60 g protein bars, making you pay about R35 per protein bar which is not that bad, but still pretty expensive and this is due to the fact it contains the protein blend. Use “oyisaUSN” to get a 10% discount on anything you buy on the USN Website.


The protein bar is good in taste, quite expensive but is high in protein, so it really depends on how much you’re willing to pay for a bar every now and then or just get whey protein that will last longer and ultimately be cheaper in the long run actually and you wouldn’t be paying for the extra content like the chocolate coating, rice crisps and caramel layering, which in essence tastes good, making it a great chocolate with protein, which is a plus but it is definitely meant for an every now and then treat, just like a normal chocolate.



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