The greatest feature of this challenge is that you can do it at home, requiring no equipment, just your body weight. intensity has been significantly bumped from this day on and some people have already complained on Instagram about the intensity, but if you’ve been following the challenge then you should be up to speed.

It is very important that you warm-up and stretch well, because this workout involves some plyo exercises that can be damaging to your ligaments, tendons and joints if you’re not warm enough.

Muscles Worked

  • Full Body

Equipment Required

  • Timer/Phone Timer
  • Mat/Towel

The HIIT Workout

Duration: 20 minutes

Sets: 4

Reps: 30 seconds per exercise

Rest: 30 seconds per exercise

  1. Burpees
  2. Good Mornings
  3. Plyo Push Ups
  4. Plank Crunches
  5. Plank Rolls

The intensity has been increased for great reason that we are halfway through the challenge and I think that it is highly important to know that you’ve been put through the challenge and achieved some sort of results.

I have realised that as I spend more time feeding my miond with positive energy in the words I speak and read, I’ve been more motivated to train in the mornings and this does require focus that I put on myself, the moment I wake up and I think it’s important for me to share the Benefits of Reading Books.

Benefits of Reading Books

During this lockdown/quarantine period, I have taken time to read more because I am trying to advance my knowledge that I can apply to improving my brand and business, changing my mindset to be more abundant and driven in achieving my career goals. I encourage you to read more books too, because:

  • It increases your vocabulary and knowledge of a certain topic
  • It opens your mind to be more aware of the opportunities around you if you open your mind to what you’re reading
  • It increases your imagination and creativity
  • It improves your memory and focus
  • Improves your emotional intelligence and reduces your levels of stress and tension


We’ve passed the halfway point and there’s no turning back, we’re nearly done and can be happy that we’ve come this far. Remember that sometimes when people feel they’ve reached a milestone they either feel that they’ve done enough or they started getting lazy or give up when they see no progress. Check out Day 5-6.


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