Morning routines have become so important to me in recent days, especially since we’ve been on lockdown, I’ve really used them to set the tone for the day. When I was back in East London, I had found myself just always wanting to sleep in as long as I can because 1. my bed at home is so comfortable 2. I didn’t really feel the need to wake up early for something like work anymore. I managed to wake up at 8-9 train and start doing other things related to the blog and FAT business.

When I got back to Port Elizabeth I decided I’d make gradual changes to myself and my apartment, this required me to be up early and sleep relatively late. In this post I will list 5 things that have worked for me for during this lockdown which you could use in making the most out of your mornings and your day. There may be some that are contradicting for explained reasons and they are listed in no particular.

Morning Routine Ideas


Take time to be grateful for being awake and being able to live life and do what you want to do on the day that you’ve been given. This really gives you a sense of power and positivity to bring about something productive on the day because you’re grateful for it.


Taking 5-10 minutes to focus on your breathing and everything it involves allows you to be present in the moment and improves your awareness of your current situation and acting accordingly, and just like the above, can make you grateful for the present of being alive and able to do what you want in the world, there are many benefits to meditation which you can look up.

Make Your Bed

This simple task, is not that easy when you’re in a rush or thinking about other things, but it’s a start in the right direction of discipline in your routine. When I was in East London, I’d train first, shower and then make my bed, even though it may be backwards in some sense but it made for a good start to the day in getting everything of mine done, I do the same here in Port Elizabeth too.

Do Not Touch Your Phone

Unless it is to turn off your alarm, do not touch your phone for the first hour of your morning, especially if you’re planning to do something that requires a lot of focus in the morning, so that you could get it started. When I was in East London, I just took my phone to play music when I go train or shower, made my bed and then only checked anything that could be important which usually isn’t, it’s usually just browsing Instagram or something. Get some things done before you entertain your desires over the phone.

Look At Your Phone

In Port Elizabeth, I have been trying to wake up early like I am going to work again, so that I can get more work done during the day. It is tough for me because I love the feeling of being tired, so to kill that feeling, I try to look at the phone to open my eyes and eventually wake up, it usually takes me about 30 minutes, because I actually just look at the notifications and then things that I want to do during the day to get me up and running with drive to get started with the day. Try it if you feel your tiredness is overwhelming in the mornings.

Drink a Glass of Water or Coffee

The are many health benefits to drinking water, it cleans your colon and wakes you up in the morning. Coffee, is low in calories and can be the boost that you need in the morning, no matter which one you choose to start your day off with, make sure it starts it right with energy. Sometimes, I get cramps from drinking coffee early in the morning, so I usually do both, some water and then a cup of coffee before I do some work because it usually helps if I am looking to do some intermittent fasting which is quite often as it can suppress appetite.

The Benefits of a Morning Routine

  • Gives you more time throughout the day to be more productive, prepare your day, eat healthier etc.
  • Develops discipline in getting things done
  • Reduces stress through knowing that you can get things done in time and be able to do what you have to in good time

It is difficult to get a good routine, but the most successful people you hear of have great and specific morning routines, from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Will Smith and look where they are today. Mine is not fully developed yet, but it is shaping out to something great, but what makes it easier is not having to go to work and that’s the life I am trying to build in having eternal happiness and financial freedom.


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