Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Sunday, this day is all about getting that Cardio in for me and I hope that you may be thinking the same with the following cardio workout. No matter where you are it can be done, be resourceful.

This is a workout I learned while I played rugby throughout my schooling days, I never enjoyed it, but it was necessary in becoming fitter for the sport. It is an anaerobic exercise that really sucks at first, but once you get the hang of it, you feel better and become motivated to do more and do better.

These are called Shuttles or Shuttle Runs, it is also known as suicides or the suicide running drill, this one is a high intensity interval training workout that keeps you running for at least 30 seconds and resting for 30 seconds after running. To get specific, how to do the workout will be explained below.

Muscles Worked

  • Legs

Equipment Required

  • Something to use as a marker (cones/cups/stones/canned food)

The HIIT Workout

Duration: 15 – 20 minutes

Sets: 1+ (Depends on fitness)

Reps: 1 minute/rep

Rest: 30 seconds/rep; 2 minutes/set

Setting Up the Shuttles

  1. Place 6 markers that are 5 metres apart from each other, the total distance should be 25 metres from the start to end point.
  2. From the start point, run 5 metres to the first marker and back to the start, then to the second marker, back to the start and keep going up until the last one – try complete one rep in 1 minute.
  3. After 1 minute ends, rest for 30 seconds before you go for the second rep – you must complete 5 reps for 1 set.
  4. Do 1 set for starters depending on how fit you are and as you get fitter, increase the number of sets.
  5. I hadn’t done any in awhile and completed 2 sets for starters and died.
  6. Rest 2 minutes at the end of each set

It sucks to start, but you have to start to get somewhere, never stop running until you finish the rep and never lie down until you finish the workout. Open your lungs up when resting with hands on your head or in the air or just standing up straight, take deep breaths through your mouth and breathe out your nose and get excited for the next run, positive mindset all the way!


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