My Wellness Superior Whey Protein (Chocolate) – Review

My Wellness Superior Whey Protein (Chocolate) – Review

I haven’t done a supplement review in awhile, so this month I decided to get some whey protein to up my protein for the goals I want to achieve in my life and body in terms of the convenience of just shaking it up so that I can spend less time making food and building my greatest physique considering the circumstances of not having a gym open.

My Wellness is a brand I’ve been following for awhile and decided to buy one of their various products (they have quite a lot), keeping it simple with some whey protein. I’ve been using the Superior Whey for about a week so I think I have enough experience and info on it to do this review.

Nutritional Value

When looking at the nutritional value it is important to always look at the calories and macros. If you can manage to see in the image above, a single serving, which is 33 g, has low calories of 133, low carbs with 3.5 g, low in fat and it expectedly is high in protein with 25 g, which is the most important macro in any whey protein. Protein being higher than 20 g per serving makes it a perfect post-workout option for muscle repair and recovery.


From the opening of the packaging, it has a great smell or maybe I just love chocolate, but the great smell made it really promising of great things to come. The taste is decent, relating to its Belgium Chocolate flavour and since its sugar content is made of about 2 g per serving, it doesn’t come out too sweet, neither does it only taste like whey. Therefore they’ve done a good job of really taking out the whey taste, but maybe a bit more presence of sugar would’ve really hit the sweet chocolate spot that I love in some whey protein powders and in general.


The quality should always be based on what Whey Protein should always have, which is to be high in protein, taste good and have a good mixability, while not causing bloat. It is a perfect amount of protein that it has, it’s taste is around a 7/10, but it’s mixability was one which I struggled with because with water it really made the consistency weak based on the recommended serving which what most whey protein powders do, but obviously with less water it was as smooth as I liked it, maybe that’s just preference.

It gives you a feeling of being full after drinking it like all whey, but it doesn’t cause any diarrhea or uncomfortable bloating. Yesterday though, when I had it for cereal with milk post-workout, I did get some cramps and it was the first time, but maybe because I was eating it on an empty stomach post-workout. In making cereal I used 250 ml of milk with one serving and it tastes and feels perfect in my mouth not having a weak consistency either.

I have tried to make it with a couple of things from a simple shake to cereal to pancakes to make the most out of it and get the best out of it that I can as you can see in the pictures below:

Another thing is that it’s packaging is really unique and can be easily modified to fit in your bag or something more likely than a tub, this is very smart and convenient and I personally think that it is packaging for the future if it actually carries the 27 servings, but we’ll see.


The cost of this product was R300 excluding delivery, but I also got a discount on it because they wanted to be nice. In terms of the market, I don’t want the average price is for whey protein, but I’ve seen ranges from R290 to R350 for the same product in other brands. Therefore, I can say that it is in the lower regions of prices which is great for anyone like me (a working student) and if you’re in the same boat. Also the fact that it makes up 27 servings makes for nearly a month of supply, which is great! You should get most of your protein from food anyway.

Would I buy it again, probably because it is one of cheapest you’d get these, yes and it doesn’t bad or leave a bad after taste in your mouth actually. Other than the stomach cramps that I had eating it with cereal yesterday, it is a great whey protein powder.



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