A 20-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout that requires dumbbells for the most intensity. There are weeks where you feel that you haven’t managed to get in enough exercise on all your muscle groups. You sometimes need that workout that will at least give you that burn of a couple of days exercise. I decided to share this one, which is one that I commonly do since I have started working a full week again. It serves its purpose of being a short, yet intense workout.

Muscles Worked

  • Full body (except chest)

Equipment Required

  • Dumbbells (resistance)
  • Towel
  • Mat (optional)

The HIIT Workout Using Dumbbelss

20-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Sets: 4 Sets
  • Reps: 30 seconds per exercise
  • Rest: 30 seconds per exercise
  1. Thrusters
  2. Romanian Deadlift and Bent-Over Row
  3. Forward Lunges and Hammer Curls
  4. Calf Raises and French Press
  5. Jumping Jacks/ Star Jumps

I’ve always believed that you don’t require weights to train, especially during this lockdown period. As a result, you’ve got to make use of what you got, the use of canned food, resistance bands or 5 litre bottles to train is effective. You have to prioritize your training if you want to improve your health and fitness.

If you’ve only got two days to train during the week, then make the most of them. I sometimes manage two workouts in a week, but ensure that I interchange between weight training and cardio. This is to build muscle and lose fat.

Why You Should Start Doing HIIT as a Busy Individual

Why You should Do More HIIT as a Busy Individual

I work 7:30-16:00, but only get home from work at 17:00 because of the distance from home to work. I have taken time to learn and practice the workouts which are effective in the shortest time.

  1. A workout as short as 10 minutes is effective when doing HIIT.
  2. It is not equipment/area bound, therefore it can be done using your body weight anywhere.
  3. It improves your cardiovascular fitness and your oxygen consumption, which would mean longer lasting energy.

I highly recommend this type of training for long-term benefits. For more information on the general benefits of HIIT, check them out at Healthline.

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