A bodyweight workout for beginners that I do during the week when I want to get some exercise in. This is usually when I haven’t warmed up enough and want to get in the workout in anyway with minimal time.

The idea of this workout is to get as many reps and sets as possible with the amount of time that you have. I cap most of my workouts at 20 minutes because I want to make time for other things to be honest. I love training, but I am trying to balance studying, work and running a business with getting my body at its best shape.

This is the purpose of FAT, to inspire people who go through the same struggle to achieve their visions.

Muscles Worked

This workout targets your full body, due to the reason that isn’t an every day workout and could be used in 3-day workout split. The fact that it is a bodyweight workout means no equipment would be required.

  • Legs
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Abdominal muscles

The Beginner’s Full Body Workout

Duration: 3 minutes per set

Sets: As many as you can (aim for 4-5 = 15-20 minutes)

Reps: 30 seconds per exercise

Rest: 30 seconds per exercise

  1. Squats
  2. Push Ups
  3. Plank

Why Do Bodyweight Workouts?

A bodyweight workout for beginners, isn’t only for beginners. There are people like me that have been training for 5 years or more that still like to do bodyweight workouts because they’re fun, can be intense and convenient anywhere. Reasons why should do more bodyweight workouts:

  • Less chance of injury using your bodyweight to train
  • They can be done anywhere, which makes them convenient
  • They are very easy to learn, implement and follow

Developing Healthy Habits

This is a difficult one that people don’t see. It’s always easy to start the diet and program, but the sustainability of these is dependent on your mindset and goals. Something that I have done to improve my nutrition is to reduce the amount of sugars I take my coffee and tea from 3 to 1. The amount I drink either from 4 to 2.

This is to reduce the chances of sugar withdrawal and the amount of calories that I take in per day.


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