Outdoor gym workout to build upper body muscles during this lockdown is something that we have had to adapt to these days with the gyms closed indefinitely. I’ve had to look for more ways of building muscle without weights.

I decided a couple of weeks ago that every weekend, I will take a jog down to King’s Beach Trim Park in Humewood. The Trim Park is one which I used to rely on a lot when I used to live in Humewood and living on a student budget with no gym membership.

Muscles Worked

This outdoor gym workout works all upper body muscles from the shoulders to the lower back. It is hypertrophy training, therefore the reps range from 6-12 where I keep going to 12 reps for each exercise, until failure. The muscles being worked in this workout to be exact:

  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Arms

Outdoor Gym Equipment Required

There is minimal equipment required for this workout at the outdoor gym. There are not many options that are available at the Humewood one, the only equipment required is:

  • Pull Up Bar
  • Tricep Dip Bars

The Outdoor Gym Workout to Build Your Upper Body Muscles

Duration: 45 minutes

Rest: 1-2 minutes

  1. Wide Grip Pull Ups – 4 x 8-12
  2. Wide Stance Decline Push Ups – 4 x 8-12
  3. Chin Ups – 3 x 8-12
  4. Tricep Dips – 3 x 8-12
  5. Inverted Rows – 3 x 10
  6. Tricep Dips – 3 x 10

There are other upper body exercises you can incorporate, different grips and stances that have their own benefits. This one really gives a good pump and excited for the next chance you get to build muscle.

Nutrition for Building Muscle

To build muscle, you must consistently eat more calories than you burn (calorie surplus). This is the best way to maximise muscle building. You can also take supplements to assist you if you struggle to eat enough food or have time to make food.

There is no workout that will you get you the body that you want, without the nutrition that supports it.


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